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Best Selfies: Tips & Tricks

Who doesn’t love taking selfies?  Most of us could spend hours trying to get the best photos of ourselves to share online.  If you know the right tricks though, you don’t have to.  Continue reading to learn how you can go about taking the best selfies with... read more

Post-Worthy Snacks for the Holidays

Oh, the Holiday Season!  There are so many yummy things to eat around the holidays that you really have to watch what you are allowing yourself.  One thing that you can do is keep healthy snacks around and encourage those around you to eat them too.  Pumpkin and apple... read more

Baby Lion Trying to Roar!!

Quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.Never thought I’d find myself wanting to hug a lion, but damn…I wanna now 😛 Please share this video!! Photo credit... read more

H20 Training: How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water

Everyone knows that we need water to survive.  After all, it’s one of the basic elements of life.  So, why is it so hard for so many of us to talk ourselves into drinking it as much as we should?  Well, whatever the case may be, the fact of the matter is that... read more

#Nutrition on YouTube

When you think of YouTube, you think of funny cat videos or being able to watch stupid people get hurt trying to some type of lame stunt.  Although many people visit the site for how-to information, you wouldn’t normally think to look for videos on nutrition... read more

Would You Get Cosmetic Surgery?

A decade ago, only the wealthy could really afford cosmetic surgery.  Nowadays, a lot more people can afford it. On top of that, many of the standards and treatments are changing.  According to Belvedereclinic.co.uk, things are getting better.  The site states:... read more

Make Your Eyes Pop! 5 Tips

There are a lot of ways to make your eyes look fantastic with makeup.  There’s nothing more seductive than a beautiful set of eyes looking your way.  Of course, the way that you do your make up has depends on a lot of different factors, such as your eye color,... read more

3 Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas You’ll Love!

A lot of people skip breakfast, thinking that it will help you lose weight.  That’s not true.  In fact, some studies have shown that this can actually make you gain more weight because you can have trouble avoiding food cravings throughout the rest of your day.... read more

Healthy Halloween? A Snack to Die For

Halloween is a great holiday, but sometimes it’s overwhelming to see how many sweets your family is consuming.  It’s easier than you might think to sneak a healthy snack in when no one is paying attention.  Popcorn balls are always a favorite among... read more

Great New Look for Fall

Finding the freshest looks to fit your outfits isn’t always easy.  Everyone has the tendency to get stuck in the habit of doing things the same way.  So, sometimes it’s nice to have something new to try.  Give the ideas below a try, and you might find a... read more

Cat Tricked Into Taking a Bath

A easy fix of how to make your cat take bath or trick them into it, Anyone who is having a bad day should watch this and i am sure they will get a smile on there face. 😛 Please share this video with your friends and family. Photo Credit... read more

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